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Canics, your Sourcing Solution for
Electronic Components

Welcome. Canics, Inc. is a stocking distributor and specialized supplier of electronic components, electronic parts and connectors .

You can search online availability of parts and related datasheets using our unique database of over 50 Million electronic components, electronic parts and connectors and immediately view availability of the part you need.

Canics is partnered with industry suppliers and electronic components manufacturers worldwide with the unique goal of supplying quality parts with on-time delivery. Our state of the art Resource Planning software, advanced reporting and trained personnel, provide advanced tracking and notification making us proactive in keeping our customers informed. Canics employs experienced and knowledgeable staff that are eager to resolve your purchasing requirements and who understand the long production delivery times our industry has had to adjust to.

Do you have excess inventory ? Canics can purchase, consign or advertise your surplus. There are no fees for these services simply provide details as per our excess inventory form and we do the rest.

We sell:

  • Motorolla,
  • Xilinx,
  • Altera,
  • Vishay,
  • C&K,
  • Amphenol,
  • Molex,
  • Analog Devices,
  • Maxim,
  • AVX,
  • Burr-Brown,
  • Cypress,
  • Fairchild,
  • Hitachi,
  • Fujitsu,
  • ITT,
  • Macom,
  • Murata,
  • Philips,
  • Qualcomm,
  • Sanken,
  • Tyco,
  • Texas Instruments
  • and many many more.

Electronic Components, Electronic Parts, Semiconductor, Integrated Circuits and Connectors


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